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Navigation, Sea State, & Weather - A Paddler's Manual

Navigation, Sea State, & Weather - A Paddler's Manual


Paddlers journey along the boundaries between sea, air and land. Volume 1 of the Freedom of the Seas series contains an important slice of paddling knowledge regarding these boundaries and information about navigation, sea state and weather. We have combined these three knowledge sets into one book for a simple reason: on the water, they are inseparable.


Freedom of the Seas, Volume 1 is intended as a reference for kayakers and canoeists touring large bodies of water. This book is written from a Canadian perspective. The examples in this book are drawn from across Canada, but the lessons can be applied anywhere in the world. Ten years after the release of the first edition, we are excited to release this revised and expanded second edition with up-to-date information, new drawings and graphics, and tips to improve your skills and knowledge. We are grateful for some fantastic feedback from SKILS staff and students on how to improve the content and make it easier to understand some complex theoretical concepts.


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